Have You Taken Your Seat at the Table?

The bottom line is this: regardless of where you are in your career or in the org chart, you can leave an indelible mark on senior leadership and your business as a whole. To borrow a phrase; whether or not you believe this, you are right. You can achieve influence and success. You can get to that next level. I am not saying that anyone can do this. However, anyone who dares and makes a plan to extend their grasp can find new heights. 

Maybe you are already doing this. There is a chance that you have gone beyond hoping for some nameless ‘next step’ to gain the notoriety you believe you deserve. Perhaps your blueprint is airtight, your methodology is sound. But what if you are mistaken? What are you doing today to ensure you are still on the right track? Don’t let your dreams die on the vine; earn them through what you do here and now.

Nobody invited me to the table, I had to pull up my own chair. Today, my passion is coaching and mentoring people so they can carve out a lasting place in their companies’ inner circles. In the following assessment, we will see if you have a seat at the table, and, if you do, how secure you’ve made that seat.

This is not a test that will live on your permanent record. This is just for you. Be honest and let’s see what you can do to ensure your success.

Let’s begin!


Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all 10 questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

Assessment - Cicely Simpson

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