There is a seat at the table waiting for you

You are at an important moment in your career. Your results show a person with conviction and a heart to lead. Your ideas are probably valuable to your organization’s success but it seems like you need a nudge. If you are already in the C-suite, this is the time to speak up and create a more permanent need for your voice. You are a leader and your influence can make an impact; prove it. There are right and wrong ways to go about this, are you confident you know the difference?

What matters today is making a plan that brings about the outcomes that you deserve. People wallow in careers of self-doubt and excuses, you can rise above that with a few pen strokes. Write down your value, contributions, and accomplishments—both in your position and your life. Own these items. Simply by having them at hand you will stop wondering or worrying about the answer. It would amaze you how many people I’ve seen turn into a deer in headlights when confronted in-person with this task. Don’t let that be you. Moreover, if you can internalize your worth, you will begin to ask the right questions. Questions like “What do I actually want?” and “Who do I want to be in the years to come?”

Getting a seat at the table feels daunting but it is something that countless others have done. Many of these people sitting there aren’t smarter or better workers than you, they were cunning enough to know what they did well and had the courage enough to dare to get to their spot.

If you feel insecure in your current leadership position or wish to pull up a chair at the table, we should talk.

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