You’ve earned your seat

Your responses show that you have a commitment to forging a strong path to leadership. It is likely that you already have claimed your seat at the table. Congratulations, but you know better than to pat yourself on the back and call it a day. 

Being a person of impact is a mindset that must be honed continually. You got your seat; great, now what? What are you doing to carve your name indelibly into that chair? If this is meant to build into something even better, are you taking the right steps today to lay that foundation? In every career, there are moments that force us to take stock of where we really are and either set a course for that next step or find a way to keep an even keel. This can be one such moment. 

Even for someone as accomplished as yourself reaches new turning points throughout a long career. If you’re ever feeling too comfortable in your seat, that’s when it’s time to re-examine your impact and consider a fresh perspective. Cicely Simpson knows what it means to be impactful and continually earn your seat at the leadership table. The five proven strategies of her C.H.A.I.R. leadership program are relevant to professionals at any stop on their career journey. With her guidance, you can enhance your relevance, deepen your impact, and optimize your achievement, even at the highest levels of your profession. 

If you would like to talk about what it takes to keep that seat or dare to find an even better one, we should talk.

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