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If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get things done? This game-changing solution for you. The Power of Three is a proven system that will revolutionize the way you approach your work and accelerate your productivity. With this framework, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time, leaving you with ample room to focus on what truly matters. Don't waste another minute spinning your wheels and feeling unproductive. Take action now

More about Cicely:

Cicely Simpson is a seasoned Public Speaker, Leadership Coach, Author and the Founder and CEO of Summit Public Affairs. Having served as Legislative Director for two Congressmen, and veteran of the C-suite, formerly as Vice President of Government Affairs at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., formerly as Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the restaurant industry, and now as Founder & CEO of Summit Public Affairs. Her experience at all levels of government and expertise in the boardroom allows her to speak with authority on the public and private sectors as well as their countless intersections.

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