Cicely is changing the way people understand their roles in leadership. In her twenty-year career, Cicely has made her mark on the leadership team in every position she held. Today, she endeavors to show everyone from CEOs to students how they can carve out a permanent space at the table by “optimizing their relevance, impact, and achievement.”

Her background in politics and business brings real-world experience to audiences across the country; pulling back the curtain on how the world works on the Hill and in Fortune 500 companies. Beyond showing them what this new brand of leadership looks like, Cicely is pushing people past their comfort zones in order to inspire real change. “OK” or “Good enough” are not part of her philosophy. Instead, Cicely shows audiences how to find their edge and keep it. 

“When your voice isn’t being heard - or used - understanding your highest values helps you pull your seat up to the table and create conversations”

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Cicely is seasoned public operative, having served as Legislative Director for two Congressmen, and veteran of the C-suite, formerly as Vice President of Government Affairs at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., formerly as Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the restaurant industry, and now as Founder & CEO of Summit Public Affairs.   Her experience at all levels of government and expertise in the boardroom allows her to speak with authority on the public and private sectors as well as their countless intersections.

Speaking topics include:

  • Cutting through the noise in Washington
  • Feeling sidelined in your career
  • How to be a person of impact
  • Identifying your YOU List
  • Creating Room For Your Voice

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