Episode 06 | Part One : April Rinse

We’re living in a world of change…and some of us are better equipped than others, but if you don’t have that skill set, how can you embrace change? This week, Cicely welcomes April Rinne to the podcast. April has made a living out of helping people rethink and reshape their relationship with change, and has been named one of the “50 Leading Female Futurists.” She’s also the author of the new book, FLUX: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change. In part one, April talks about the leaders that had the biggest impact on her life, why we’re so resistant to change, what a FLUX mindset is and why we need it.

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Episode 10 | Part Two : Cristina Mendonsa

In the conclusion of Cicely’s conversation with journalist and entrepreneur, Cristina Mendonsa, Cristina shares how she started her own production company and provides some tangible advice for the next generation of broadcasters. About Cristina Mendonsa: Cristina is an EMMY/Edward R. Murrow award-winning multimedia journalist, producer, spokesperson and media entrepreneur. For over two decades, she’s demonstrated

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Episode 10 | Part One : Cristina Mendonsa

Cicely welcomes Cristina Mendonsa to Pull Up Your Chair. Christina anchors 4 hours of radio news daily while also producing documentaries, winning awards, and mentoring upcoming journalists on career strategy and mid-career pivots. In part one, Cristina talks about her first job in journalism, the evolution of electronic media, and what inspired her to shift

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Episode 09 | Part Two: Tara Jaye Frank

In the conclusion of Cicely’s conversation with  Tara Jaye Frank, the author of The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence, Tara talks about the words of advice she gives companies that are beginning their journey to creating an equitable workplace. About Tara Jaye Frank: Tara is an Equity Strategist who

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