Episode 07 | Part One: Steve Palmer

Cicely’s guest this week is Steve Palmer, the founder of The Indigo Road Hospitality Group and the author of “Say Grace: How the Restaurant Business Saved My Life.” Steve founded the company in 2009 with one restaurant and expanded to more than twenty restaurants throughout the southeastern United States. In part one, Steve talks about how he started working at a restaurant when he was 13, the impact of drug and alcohol addiction on the restaurant industry, and the ultimatum that changed his life.

About Steve Palmer: Steve is the managing partner and founder of The Indigo Road Hospitality Group. He formerly served as vice president of food and beverage for Ginn Clubs and Resorts and has worked in the hospitality industry in various capacities since the age of thirteen.

Palmer has been recognized by the New York Times, L.A. Times, NPR, Southern Living, Food & Wine and Forbes Small Business Giants for his growing presence in the hospitality industry, as well as his charitable and community efforts. In 2016, Palmer cofounded Ben’s Friends, the food-and-beverage industry support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to industry professionals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. He has presented on addiction in the industry at TEDx Charleston and various culinary events, among other venues.

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