The C.H.A.I.R.
Leadership System

Step 2 - Pick a time to meet with Cicely.

We will use this time to strategize about your organization’s current situation and the most impactful way to integrate The C.H.A.I.R. Leadership System. This is a brainstorming call that you will get a lot of value from.

Here’s the truth: every organization is asking the question "How?"

How do we help our employees? How do we invest in our teams?

Think that's the right question to ask to energize your teams?

Think again!

It might be time to start asking “Who?”

Who can invigorate your teams and employees…

Who can fuel their transformation and guide them towards the pinnacle of achievement…

We have entered an age where “who” is vastly more important than “how”.

Who can encourage them to harness the power of their self-leadership to embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of their wildest imagination to achieve professional and personal goals.

In fact, if you get the "who" right, the how takes care of itself

If you’re ready to elevate the leadership potential of your organization so that you can navigate the ever-changing challenges and opportunities of today’s environment, asking “who?” is your next success step.

Meet Cicely

With two decades of experience in business and politics, Cicely is also a veteran of the C-Suite and has led transformational change in the leadership and executive roles in which she has served. Cicely Simpson has been using her extensive knowledge to advise professionals just like you. Think of her as your “Career Strategist”. Through her speaking engagements, Cicely makes clear how to both broaden and deepen your circle of impact. This program is the best place to start gathering the essentials needed to build your own empowering conversations and take your seat at the table.

“If they don't give you a seat at the table,
bring a folding chair.”

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