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Keeping Score: Impeachment 2 – Convictions 0

In last week’s post, Day 3 of Former President Donald Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial was underway. The first impeachment trial occurred in 2020. The second impeachment trial in 2021. Let’s be clear – impeachment, by itself, is a historic event and is very rare. Three Presidents have been impeached – Presidents Bill Clinton, Andrew Johnson

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Reliving the Insurrection

35 days. It has been 35 days since the assault and insurrection against on our nation’s Capitol and our democracy. This week, the second Impeachment Trial of Former President Donald J. Trump began in the United States Senate. Unlike the 2020 Impeachment Trial, this trial takes place in the wake of seven people killed on

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History in The House

2021 will hold its place in the history books. Thirty-five days into the new year, and today was the fourth history making event in this new year: January 6 – The United States Capitol was attached by insurrectionists. January 13 – President Donald J. Trump became the only President in American History to be impeached

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3 Wednesdays in January

2020 was historic for all of the wrong reasons. A pandemic that claimed hundreds of thousands American lives Historic economic crisis Racial justice crisis The loss of public figures who were nothing short of transformational in our society As a nation, we collectively held our breathe and hoped 2021 would be better. 2021 has begun

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Yesterday’s Carnage at the Capitol

I am not sure I can put into words what we witnessed yesterday. They were not protestors. They are not patriots. The people who tried overthrow the Capitol building and democracy are terrorists. Insurrectionists. The Capitol and Halls of Congress go well beyond the physical structures. I have worked in those buildings for almost twenty

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Why a Fourth COVID Bill Won’t Pass Before Election Day

Will we get more unemployment help? PPP helped, but my business is still struggling to recover. Why hasn’t Congress acted? Don’t they understand we need more help? The frustration and fear inherent in these questions are real. I never have a good answer. Yes, it is September, and we are still waiting for more COVID

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